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Classes Offered

Classes Offered:


Ballet- This is the foundation for all dance styles. It is very disciplined and requires regular instruction. A very graceful style of dance that teaches poise & uses artistry to display leaps, turns, and jumps.


Jazz-This style of dance is taken from ballet & incorporates pop,broadway, funky, or character music to display a variety of popular jazz movements with leaps, turns, and jumps.




Tap- A style of dance that uses taps on shoes to make rhythm. If you like a good beat, or enjoy playing the drums, you will like this class!



Hip Hop- A street style of dance that takes basic body isolations, applies funky jazz technique, and uses pop and/or hip hop music to create unique and original body movement. Breaking is a popular form of hip hop dancing.


Lyrical/Liturgical- This is a style of dance that incorporates both ballet and jazz to portray the lyrics of a song or tell as story. Dance is used as a form of worship and often uses contemporary Christian music.


Modern-A style of dance which emerged in the early part of the twentieth century as a rebellion to Ballet. Modern is known for varying styles which include either free-flowing movement or a center focused style of dance with an emphasis on contract/release and breathing.


Gymnastics- Our gymnastics instruction specializes in floor tumbling. This involves learning acrobatic moves that could be performed without a beam or barre.

 Preschool-A class for three and four year olds that are just getting started. The class introduces students to pre-ballet, teaches coordination skill builders, and character dancing in an innovative and age-appropriate fashion.



Combo Classes- Classes that combine pre-ballet, jazz, tap, tumbling, & MORE  for the four to six year old child that is a beginning dancer. Instruction is provided in a fun and age-appropriate environment!